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Bible: Is It A Riddle?

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by Svadilfari

Is the Bible A Riddle?

In fact holy epics in every religion have certain

difficulties and these are parts of original text. It may be true that  the entire Holy Scriptures are perfectly inerrant, but that can be adhered only with the original writings. Though, all of us claim to have the holy copies on our bookshelf , those are just duplicate copies and all those have ample chances of spelling errors, repetition, omission and many more.

The King James Version of the Bible is one of the most popular versions, but it is a translated version and hence we find some errors as well. is really the  one of the biggest problems. The prime is the difference between the writing styles of ancient Hebrews and modern man. For instance; ancient Hebrew used only capital letters, did not use vowels and words are not separated from each other. So, the structure is like jumbled puzzle and quite tough to unlock.

Translation of idiomatic expressions are quite tricky too. Sometimes, exact translation might not be possible and its representation

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in speech pattern may convey a different in modern times.

Difficulties in the interpretation of Bible do not end here. Ancient Hebrews used alphabets instead of numbers. So, sometimes words suggest numerical meaning and it becomes a riddle for us.

Apart from all these difficulties, it is an interesting fact that most of the copyist’ errors do not affect original messages of the Bible.

The ancient Hebrew of the Old Testament and the ancient Greek of the New Testament uses hundreds of different figures of speech which are quite difficult to identify. Even if it is possible to recognize them, it may not be possible to covey the full meaning in another language.  For example: “Hitting the bull’s eye” is a very common term in English, but the literal translation in another language can create funny or odd meanings.

A non-English-speaking translator may use “God‘s sheep’s child” for the term “the lamb of God”. Uses of the word like “sister” for lover in of Solomon 4:9 is simply the mistake of translator because in Hebrew there are a many identical words which have different meaning and the word sister is just a sample.

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